We are so excited to have updated our “home” for all things WVYFA and are now back at our original location – wvyouthfootball.com. With this and the incredible updated we’ve been working on, you may have thought (like Coach Jeff) that the ghost of Email Past had come for you. Rest easy and know that sometimes when these things happen, it is just technology outsmarting us and automatically sending out information┬áthat is years old. We apologize for┬áthese occurrences this week.

With this, we are super excited to note our new and updated home is just about ready to roll. We have a new look and will soon have new information for the 2017 season! Please look around and feel free to use the contact page if you notice anything amiss or want to reach out to offer you help in a capacity that best fits your skills.

We can’t wait to hit the field and know that it will be here before we know it!